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I am Purely sweet and kind, like sugar-and-spice-and-all-things-nice! I am charismatic, flawless blonde bombshell.  I will drive you wild with desire. I have so much more to offer than just my eye-catching looks.

I am a Scorpio and Libra Cusp. So one thing about us Scorpios we  live and breath desire.  If I don't feel that desire burning deep into my soul... I don't feel needed. You can always depend on me I am loyal as they come with a heart of gold!  I live by codes and all about respect.

I love to be worshipped and Love to worship in return! I am a great listener and do as I am told with a little sass! I can't help it. I am a brat =) Dont worry I will always know what to give you!

So are you ready for this wet naughty festival? I am waiting for you to come play with Kitty. I will be on my knees waiting for every drop! I have Fuck Me tattooed on me for a reason. I want you to come find all my naughty tattoos! You better spank kitty and tell her she's a bad kitty!  Warning she will squirt all over you! Just Love Me is all I ask! Plur Life Forever and Ever!

I only see respectable gentlemen. I do not see people as labels we all bleed the same. I am a very kind, loving person so I demand the same respect. I am all about good vibes and fun times! It is all about chemistry! I want to make sure we are the perfect fit for one another so please plan ahead when setting a date with me.


Communication is the key!

I do a lot of work online. I have a lot of people who wants to fuck me. If I send you a copy and paste message it's for a reason it helps my stupid phone from not typing crazy message using voice talk!  Make the message count! I have a few goals I have. So please do not waste my time. I enjoy the hobby. This isn't my job it is part of who I am. I am a companion! So be respectful to kitty. I only need one good man in my life! Come join the beautiful hot mess that is waiting to be everything you desire!


I am in Scottsdale right now. I know you I am a Wild Gal in the Wild West! 

 I know I promised a lot of friends one last summer tour but Good Ole Squeaky (My Truck) is dying as you all know I have a very hard time letting go of things I love. I Apologize I am working on a better schedule.  I love to travel so just ask I will try everything in my power to make it happen! You have to ask to  receive. 


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