Verification is a Must

Can you be a good Daddy?

What I have to have from you before we meet!

Why I verification is important for both of us. I look at everyone as a serial killer or the law until you prove yourself otherwise.  Now you know why I will not see anyone unless you are verified. Why you should verify because in most cases when a lady doesn't verify gentlemen. They are the police and will just arrest you when you get to the location. Then will run your prints at the station. Seriously, do not risk your safety either! You have a lot to lose. Don't be a fuck up!  Safety should be  important for you as much as it is for me. The last thing you need is having a record.  Trust me! 

NO NEGOTIATING ON VERIFICATION AT ALL!  I have a lot of people who love me! I do this because I want to.  The hobby makes me happy with the right friends. I want to know who you are and all the things you love! 

PLEASEEEEE if you don't see me listen to my words and be safe out here! It can be a dangerous world. I love everyone until they do me wrong.

Newbie Friendly: I am now running a $5 donation process fee for newbie screening to match identification on Id's. Please text for information to add to the kitty fund.  I will need two-forms of identification (has to be up to date) with full name and photo Or I can work work verify.  I do call to verify employment. Along with social media site to match what is on your photo ID.

 I might even make you take a selfie playing with yourself to verify you are the naughty man in photos also! So be prepared =) 

I am always discreet and you have my word your information your information is safe. My phone can never be opened by anyone but myself. I know my rights in case god forbid something happens to me. I will never bit the hand that feeds me.  You will have me for a reference for 6 months.      

To vouch for you. 

For References verification: I need at least 2 providers who have to have over 6 national reviews with no complaints and you have seen them in past 6 months. They have to also been in hobby at least two years.  Along with their contact information, website, memory jogger and how they will remember you by.    

Memberships of Gentlemen who are on boards I advertise on. You have to have 2 recent reviews in past 6 months or okays or Whitelisted or VIP it has to be in past 6 months. Send me a pm to verify your membership.  I will search for reviews and ask the ladies. 

Cancelation Fee:

I do have a cancelation fee of same donation of the appointment you booked.  If you no call or no show or do not give me 24 hours notice to cancel. If you screw up will add you to blacklist and out you on twitter if you do not pay cancelation fee. I cannot stand a time waster. I do understand things up but I am all about communication. So there is no excuse in my book because I have never ever in my life had to cancel on someone. I honor my word when I say I am going to do it I do it!

Please do not waste my time as I will not waste your time.  I would never dream of wasting your time my reputation means everything to me.  I have never had a complaint for a reason. I am real as they come with a high energy, kind, kindred spirit new age hippy chick with a laid back Michigander vibe! Show me some love! I will love you long a time!

No Excuses on verification!

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