Looking for love in all the wrong places

Are you my Daddy?

What my heart wants:I am searching for my True Love My Sexy Dom Daddy! Come rescue Kitty from the fuckboys! I am 100% Brat so I love to test and tease! Rewards are the best blowjob of your life and forever best friend.  I am a cum slut seeking my Master! Are you the one? I love to be worshipped and Love to worship in return! I am a great listener and do as I am told with a little sass! I can't help it. I am a brat =) Dont worry I will always know what to give you!
Hello Gentlemen,
I am a sexy snuggle bunny who is seeking her true Master to devote herself to.I love to play games and test you to your limits. I am not into pain. I like to be rewarded. I am a bit spoiled. A true brat in the flesh!
I have been single by choice for few years because my dog was very sick.  I've never lost anything I loved before so had to take some me time to heal. I am a writer, deep thinker, workaholic, huge animal lover but don't have any, funny, happy go lucky, strong, independent, smart, bit of a rebel, dorky but cute and a face of an angel but body of a Goddess. (That desires to be worshipped by her Daddy to be!) I am very sweet and cuddly but have a bit of a wild side. I am a homebody but I love to travel it's huge part of my life. I love a great adventure!
I work in the entertainment world. So my lifestyle is not very understanding to the normal people. So it takes a certain type of man. I am very honest so I like to be completely upfront. Not a lot of people will understand me. I will not live my life a lie. It's just not me.  I believe in karma.  I just relocated to Scottsdale is why I'm on my search. I am cold and lonely in my new city I call home. I'm ready to ask for help which is very hard for me to do. I have a lot of pride I carry in my heart of gold. Do not take my kindness for weakness. I am a Scorpio we do not like being crossed.
I'm seeking professional man, clean cut,  intelligent , very patience, genuine, loving, kind, nonjudgmental, honest, open minded, and handsome gentleman preferably around my age but not too picky. I also have to have someone in shape not like crazy fitness but I have to be sexually attracted to you. You will not get a hook up with me you will have to earn that by getting to know me on dates. I am a bit old fashion and set in my ways especially when I want something! I don't need a Daddy I want one. I have strong will power but I want us both to win. I don't want this to feel like work dating should be fun!
Please send a description of yourself along with photos of why you are the perfect fit for me. Also where would you take me on our first date? Also preferred method of contact. Just in case! I don't want to lose you!  I apologize to anyone I have turned down. Please, be respectful I just want to find my happiness it is not personal. I am very picky nor will I explicit talk to a stranger so don't waste your time contacting me or send me naughty pictures. (Yes, I want a nice package but would like to find out on my own)I will not send you to a website I am a real person just with an odd job.
So will you be my Future Master/Daddy?== Results from bdsmtest.org == 100% Brat 97% Submissive 96% Exhibitionist 95% Voyeur 90% Dominant 88% Slave 80% Masochist 76% Boy/Girl 66% Daddy/Mommy 59% Switch 56% Master/Mistress 54% Primal (Hunter) 52% Non-monogamist 50% Ageplayer 44% Pet 43% Experimentalist 41% Vanilla 38% Rope bunny 33% Primal (Prey) 24% Degradee 6% Rigger 5% Owner 0% Degrader 0% Sadist http://bdsmtest.org/r/5360764