What you can expect when having a date with me

Expectations when you meet me!

Every experience is different so let us make our own memories to think about for a lifetime! It is about chemistry and whatever happens! Most people say I am their best sexual experience of their life! It's very intense. Then my blowjobs are priceless that can't be captured on film the experience is once in a life time no fucking joke! This isn't some line to sell you on. I can send you screenshots of all my friends in past 10 plus years in the hobby who love me for a reason.  It's defiantly not my attitude lol I tend to be a little extra sometimes lol 

I am low volume so our time is non rushed sensual experience.  Sadly I am going to have to step my game up to get my house with pool to sun tan naked and I want a new dog. Ooh and my $500 a month plus insurance truck payment! So if you book under a 2 hour appointment I will know when our time is up I do not need a clock! Don't hate on just love kitty and understand!

The moment you walk into the door you will experience my skills as an ex dancer (a lap dance that you could make you come in your pants! Don't worry it happens to me a lot! I do not judge! I will get on my knees and worship every inch of you until we are in pure bliss in sweaty hot mess! 

I will put you at complete ease with my famous massage! I am a natural healer (Empath) my hands will find all the spots that will make you growl like a wild inner beast living deep inside you! I love making a grown man growl like a wild beast. It brings me so much happiness making you completely happy man. You honestly deserve the best and I will die trying giving it to you!


I have inquired some skills watching the pros and practicing in the hobby! This moment we share is non stop action!  You only thought you could watch online! You can turn into a real life movie! Yes, this includes many of my toys and plugs if you book the everything special.

I do allow filming during session if you sign model release form and photo id to confirm your age and to protect myself legally by law. It's required on pornhub and every adult site.  You will get a copy of it but I own all copy rights, and no resale! I do have lawyers to handle this situation if you do try to resale it.

I am very Fetish Friendly. Just let me know exactly what you are seeking. I will make your fantasy a reality! I will offer discounts for multi hour play time just ask to make an arrangement.  If you don't see your fantasy listed please ask I do so much kinky stuff to list!

Some of my kinks I enjoy:

RolePlay is one of my favorites! I love making it special just for you. Dressing up is part of the excitement of what is in store for our date! 

Pegging: I don't know what it is about fucking a man that drive me wild!

Ass worship: Receiving end =) I love my ass worshiped!

Cross Dressing: I love to help a sexy man with his feminine side!

I love to be in the nature where it's private. I love fucking on the mountain top listening to myself beg and scream in pleasure is getting me horny thinking about it.....

Those are just a few I am into a lot of stuff.

Only thing I do not allow is any pain, marks, biting, no fingers inside any of my holes without permission first and pinching my nipples. If you do these things the appointment is over and donation is forfeited. I have blood clot issues so you will not abuse me and risk my life.  I will not allow it. I love life too much and this is about fun and making sure we are the right fit for each other. Not making someone do something they are uncomfortable with. Would you like me just shoving my biggest dildo in areas you don't want? Well, maybe that isn't a good example it's about mutual respect. We only have one body this lifetime so let's be sensual but I will scream fuck me and you better do what your told especially if I tell you to fuck my throat!