What I have to have from you to meet!

I need 24 Hours Notice any time when booking me! Text is best method of contacting me! You can always check last minute but prefer 24 hours notice to buy you a sexy outfit and be at my best for you! This excites me as much as  you!

NO NEGOTIATING ON VERIFICATION AT ALL!  I apologize but safety is more important to me then a buck. I have a lot of people who love me! I do this because I want to and the hobby makes me happy with the right gentlemen. I am picky when choosing someone also and do my research on you also. I want to know who you are!    

Newbie Friendly. I will need two-forms of identification (has to be up to date) with full name and photo. Along with work information. I do call to verify employment. So please let me know before calling what to say when I call.  I am always discreet and after our meeting information is deleted and you will have me for a reference for 6 months.      

For References verification: I need at least 2 providers who have to have over 6 national reviews with no complaints and you have seen them in past 6 months. Along with their contact information, memory jogger and how they will remember you by.     

Memberships of Gentlemen of Boards I advertise on. You have to have 2 recent reviews in past 6 months or okays or Whitelisted or VIP it has to be in past 6 months. Send me a pm to verify your membership.     

I do have a cancelation fee of same donation of the appointment you booked.  If you no call or no show or do not give me 24 hours notice of cancelation. I will add you to blacklist on twitter.  I cannot stand a time waster. I do understand things up but I am all about communication.

Please do not waste my time as I will not waste your time.  I would never dream of wasting your time my reputation means everything to me.  I have never had a complaint for a reason. I am real as they come with a high energy laid back Michigander show me some love! I will love you long a time!

Watch out for my twitter horny days on Snapchat! Buy one Get One Free on pictures, videos, and video chat at least twice a week if you want to keep it naughty before we meet!